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EMOJO - Caddy Pro

    Motor type DC Brushless
    Motor power 500W
    Rated Voltage 48 V
    Maximum speed 20 MPH
    Battery range 35 Miles
    Battery charging time 4 - 6hours
    Battery type Lithium-Ion
    Battery capacity 48V/15.6Ah
    Dimensions (inch) 78.5L X 29.8 W X 47.6 H
    Frame Aluminum 6061
    Max. user weight 330 lbs
    Vehicle weight 90 lbs (with battery)
    Transmission type 7-Speed
    Front brake type Hydraulic Disc
    Rear brake type Hydraulic Disc
    Tire size (Fr)/ (Rr)

    4.0 20" rear / 4.0 24"  front

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